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We are a group of seasoned professionals who love transforming ideas into a real businesses. Startup founders, mentors & advisors and UX/UI designers - perfect blend of understanding business, user experience, visual design and development. It's like hiring a UX/UI design team for your startup & keeping the stock :)

We boost innovative ideas to digital products that people will love paying for.


Having a clear strategy is essential for any business to thrive in the digital age. We will help you to look at the big picture, your audience, your goals, what you want to do, and above all, how you measure it. We will lead your online presence through a multi-disciplinary digital strategy, that keeps your business objectives and KPI’s embedded within the core of everything you do.


Intuitive, compelling, conversion-focused design doesn’t just magically happen. 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether that’s on smartphones, tablets or PCs.

We will place your customer at the heart of everything we do, craft every element that goes into creating an amazing user experience for web and mobile. Beautiful mobile-first, responsive, custom tailored apps and web experiences or hybrid mobile apps for cross-platform development - we design for all these scenarios.


Building a list of potential users for your project is one of the best ways to validate your idea, it is also one of the most efficient ways to get people interacting with your startup on launch day. We will create a a landing page that will explain your product, the problem it solves and the benefits over other products.

"All your base are belong to YOU! We are completely transparent about everything we create for our customers. You’ll get a complete package of editable source files so you can continue at any time. No hiding, no keeping, no vendor lock-in. Promise!


Mobile Apps Design

Websites Design

User Experience



Infographic & Reports

Core Team

Jozef Toth

Founder, Business Development

14 years of web experience advising international organisations including charities, NGOs, startups & established businesses.

Started his first creative business in 2005, turned it into an agency with clients on every continent, got acquired by a leading London digital agency in 2014.
He founded three tech startups in between.

Matej Loncko

UX Specialist

Regular mentor at Startup Weekend, creative thinker & designer with passion to observe, learn and understand. Consulting clients since 2006.

UX designer responsible for architecting and designing websites, online services and mobile applications. Matej does all the wireframing, prototyping, usability testing and managing on our projects.

Jaro Mlkvy

Lead Designer

Experienced UX/UI designer with passion for photography and movies. Working and designing for creative agencies and startups since 2007.

Creating beautifully crafted designs of websites, mobile applications, prints, infographics, logos and complete brand identities. Responsibilities: design, illustrations, product photography and retouching.

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We are based in Slovakia, but available biweekly in London for in-person consultations. Schedule a meeting with us.